Fuck you dad!

My dad is the main source for most of my issues as an adult. We've been enemies for years because he is a weak man.....and so am I.

Someone sang your name today
And a stranger saw me crumble
Haul my
Broken heart and shell away
Beggin', bury me beside you

[Verse 2]
The devil popped around today
Sellin' promises and potions
That could
Take a memory away
Help forget I'd ever met you
Tell me
Can't you please
Kindly take away the misery?

Give me
A baker's dozen please
Wrap me up to go away

But I want you
I need to
Forget you
Don't want to
But I need to let you go

[Verse 3]
The devil bent my ear today
About his magical elixir
That would
Make the sorrow go away
Help me forget I'd ever met you


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